Featured Businesses in Downtown Chico

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business-- Home Ec

Christianne Belles

Christianne Belles, owner of Home Ec in Downtown Chico, is a positive individual whose life philosophy surrounds around being happy and making others around her happy. Her positive attitude is most evident and definitely contagious. She brings this same attitude to her shop, Home Ec. As a Downtown Business owner, Christianne’s greatest joy comes from seeing customers humor themselves with the products Home Ec has to offer.

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business-- Johnnie's Restaurant and Lounge


Jamie Camaren, General Manager of the Hotel Diamond and Johnnie’s Restaurant and Lounge, has led an interesting career to where she is now. During her childhood, her mother owned and operated Swensons, a restaurant in Willows. At age 12, she had already begun waiting tables and since then she has always found herself in the restaurant business. Contrary to her experience in restaurants through high school graduation, Jamie decided to attend Chico State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Education—she wanted to teach. After graduating, Jamie left Chico to work for a catering company in Hawaii. Her time spent in The Aloha State eventually brought her to Las Vegas, where she continued working in the restaurant and catering business.

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business- The Pita Pit

Since its start in 2004, The Pita Pit in Chico has been owned and operated by the Dakofs. In the past three years, younger son Scott Dakof has been managing the store. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Scott and discuss his background, as well as the history of The Pita Pit in Downtown Chico.

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business- 12 Volt Tattoo

Since the late 90’s, Zac Black has been putting his tattooing abilities on display in the Chico area. Originally from Laguna Beach, Zac decided to head to Chico in ‘96 to study graphic design at California State University, Chico. Zac enjoyed the program and obtained a bachelor’s degree a few years after arriving at the university. After graduating, Zac was interested in tattooing.

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business- 5th Street Steakhouse

Mike Wear, one of the partners of 5th Street Steakhouse, has always found himself in the restaurant business. From the age of 14, he has held pretty much every position in a restaurant. It was from this early exposure that Mike wanted to continue being part of the restaurant business.

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business- Tres Hombres

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Thomas, one of the owners of Chico’s Tres Hombres Long Bar and Grill. Michael Thomas and Johnny Scurto are partners of Tres Hombres, with locations in Chico and Petaluma.

Thursday Night Market, Featured Downtown Business- Kinder's Chico

As manager of the Kinder’s Meats-Deli-BBQ Chico franchise and Assistant Coach of the Chico State Men’s Track and Field team, Trevor Papp is enthusiastic about what he does. He loves that he is able to work in Chico’s small town atmosphere and he loves the people that make up the Chico community. I was given the opportunity to interview Trevor about his own background and the history of Kinder’s Chico.  


Trevor is originally from the East Bay, his hometown being Pleasant Hill. He grew up as an athlete playing soccer, football, and other competitive sports. During this time, he found himself frequenting the local Kinder’s BBQ with his brother and other buddies, a few of them being part of the Kinder’s family. He didn’t know it then, but Kinder’s would be the company he would be a large part of in years to come. 

Chico Art School & Gallery

The Chico Art School & Gallery, conveniently located in downtown Chico, offersChico Art School & Gallery children ages 7 and up ongoing instruction in painting and drawing.

Janet Lombardi Blixt opened the Chico Art School in 2009.

Her goal is to share the rewards of art as an integral part of life - for fun, relaxation and personal expression. “I hope that my students grow to believe they can now do more than they ever thought possible.”

Featured Downtown Business Empirical Magazine

A literary and current affairs magazine with the openness and pioneering spirit of theEmpirical Magazine Pacific Northwest, Empirical aspires for truth by boldly introducing thought-provoking points of view and new paradigms. A forum for discourse on contemporary issues, the magazine is "radically empirical" in considering the broad range of human experience.

Featured Downtown Business Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet has been a fixture in downtown Chico for the last 34 years. Alan Rice and Fleet Feet in Downtown ChicoSusan Zepernick have owned and operated the store for the last 7 years and are committed to keeping the downtown area a thriving and exciting place to shop, live, and work.